The “It’s not Monday” excuse!


I’m in desperate need of a reality check! I have this horrible tendency, when I’m starting a diet (which I am), to cheat a little. And when I say a little, I mean like a cupcake. And then the cupcake spirals out of control into, “well it’s lunch time, and I may as well make this a cheat day”. But that turn into, ‘okay well I might as well start this weekend”. Which turns into, “well I’ll start on Monday”. Which I do. But then cycle repeats itself. Does anyone else struggle with this? If so, were you able to find a way to stop? I know I have to actively stop myself from choosing to eat. That I’m making what was just a tiny cupcake into a 5 lb mess. But it’s so surprisingly hard to get out of the, “well you failed this week, try again next week”, mentality.

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JesusThe “It’s not Monday” excuse!